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internal thread ferrule ball valve

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摘要:Product Name: internal thread ferrule ball valveProduct model: QG.QY1Connection mode: thread, compression ferruleStructural features: internal thread type at one end and ferrule type at one endProduct material: stainless steel 304 / 316Thread standard: G, NPT, BSPT, BSP, DINFerrule size: Ф6、Φ8、Ф


Product Name: internal thread ferrule ball valve

Product model: QG.QY1

Connection mode: thread, compression ferrule

Structural features: internal thread type at one end and ferrule type at one end

Product material: stainless steel 304 / 316

Thread standard: G, NPT, BSPT, BSP, DIN

Ferrule size: Ф6、Φ8、Ф10、Φ12、Ф14、Φ16、Ф18、Φ20、Ф22

Product pressure: ≤ 6.4 MPa

Operating temperature: ≤ 200 ℃

Medium used: water, oil, weak corrosive medium, etc

Handle color: red, yellow, blue

Handle material: 304, 201

Product Description:

The internal thread ferrule ball valve has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and no welding. However, in the medium and high pressure hydraulic system, improper operation will often cause leakage and affect its popularization and application. After years of practice, some experience has been summarized and good results have been achieved. The ferrule type air source ball valve is mainly composed of a joint body 1 with a 24 degree conical hole, a ferrule 2 with a sharp inner edge and a compression nut for compression. When the nut 3 is tightened, the ferrule 2 is pushed into the 24 degree conical hole and deformed accordingly, so that the ferrule forms a spherical contact seal with the conical surface in the joint body; At the same time, the inner edge of the ferrule is embedded into the outer wall of the steel pipe 4, and a circular groove is pressed out on the outer wall, so as to play the role of reliable sealing. It is better to select stress relief annealed 20# fine drawn pipe for steel pipe, which is conducive to locking the inner edge of ferrule into the outer surface of steel pipe and playing a reliable sealing role.

This product has a variety of connection sizes. One side is a 1 / 2-inch internal thread joint, the other side is a ferrule or ferrule connection on both sides and thread connection on both sides, and the external thread is connected with a welded connecting pipe. The ferrule can clamp 6mm-14mm pipes.

Structural drawing of internal thread ferrule ball valve:


Material of internal thread ferrule ball valve parts:

Part NameStainless steelCarbon steel
Left valve coverSS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS32120#/A105
Valve seatPTFEPTFE
Seat gasketPTFEPTFE
Valve bodySS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS321SS304
Positioning pinSS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS32120#/A105
Stem nutSS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS32120#/A105
Right seatSS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS32120#/A105
Single card, dual card combinationSS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS321SS304
handleStainless steel 201、SS304Stainless steel 201
Features of ferruleType A, Type C stainless steel SS304/SS316Stainless steel SS304

Connection dimension of female ferrule ball valve:

SpecificationsDOLLOMH44Nominal pressure


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